Skin Glowing

Skin Glowing Therapy

Not happy with your dark complexion and want a fair skin tone and color? Cosmotree Clinic is bringing to you their professional services in, providing you the best and safe skin glowing therapy in INDIA both for men and women, so nothing is between you and the skin you always wanted.

What is Skin Glowing?

So what is skin glowing and how does it work giving you a whiter complexion?

• Skin glowing is the procedure which involves chemical therapy to lower the melanin (gives color to the skin) pigment in the skin through various techniques to remove the darkness from the skin thus providing a glower complexion.

Cosmotree Clinic treats you with the best, thus makes use of the finest equipment and therapy.

• People with darker complexion have more melanin production and the quantity of melanin decide the color of a person’s skin.

• Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes. The quantity of melanin in a person’s skin depends mostly upon the genetic buildup.

• Sometimes when it is in excess locally in some parts of the body, it results in dark spots and they appear black.

• Mostly, they are painless and not harmful and can appear in any part of the body.

• Skin glowing can be done for both face and body, whatever suits the clients.

Skin glowing therapy is effecting for improving:

• Overall skin glowing

• Dull and dark skin

Reasons for increases the melanin levels:

a. Hormonal imbalances.

b. Frequent sun exposure.

c. Some skin disorders also lead to high melanin production.

d. Stress level.

e. Aging.

Cosmotree Clinic offers a variety of best skin glowing therapy in Delhi, for various skin types ranging from the use of Glutathione  to the use of various Skin Peels.

Each therapy is recommended only after the complete examining of skin type, its sensitivity, its texture etc. Doctors at Cosmotree Clinic examine your skin and body constitution and then only offer you the therapy that is best suited for your needs and your body.

How it is done?

Glutathione  and Skin Glowing

• Glutathione is a naturally produced substance in the human body by the liver.

• Glutathione Injections reduces the melanin in the skin on your face and body, giving you fair complexion.

• Regarded as the safest and most effective of all skin glowing therapy with almost no side effects.

• Glutathione is prepared in a safe sterile artificial setup from three (glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine) amino acids.

• It is a costly skin glowing therapy.

How does it work?

• Glutathione are given directly into the bloodstream thus, working from within the body.

• Slows down melanin production in the skin.

• Substituting the damaged cells which give a dark color to the skin with the new cells which makes the skin glowing.

• Purifies your skin by removing all impurities and allows you to achieve a fairer complexion.

• Helpful in the activation of enzymes that helps in getting rid of the toxins giving you a fairer complexion


• Anti melanogenic properties

• Richest anti-oxidant

• Skin glowing agent

Glutathione is also beneficial in treating:

• Skin darkening

• Pigmentation

• Sun spots

• Wrinkles

How long will it take to get results?

• Results depends on how white you want your complexion to be and changes from patient to patient.

• The therapy typically ranges from 6 to 40 injections for maximum results.

• Results can take up to months to see the benefits of glutathione and the results vary for each individual according to their skin and body constitution.

• Results also vary on your skin complexion.

Cost: The overall cost of Skin glowing depends on how many sessions you need, as well as the area being treated.

Chemical Peel:

• Acid concentrations such as Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid or TCA (trichloroacetic acid) are used to get rid of the damaged layers, to reveal a fairer skin tone.

• Few sessions will be needed.

• A chemical peel is only required once a week at most.

How is it done?

• Acid solutions are used on the skin to get rid of the damaged outer layers of the skin.

• Acids such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), or phenol are used.

• Outer damaged layer of the skin is exfoliated and removed revealing a new skin layer with improved color, tone, and texture.

• Overall more radiant and youthful skin.

Wait, but exfoliation alone doesn’t result in drastic skin glowing! Right, enter Skin glowing peels.

Skin Glowing Peels:

• Especially designed for skin glowing and glowing.

• Provides drastic results in short period of time.

• It is a chemical peel that also contains melanin inhibiting ingredients.

• Achieve fairer and improved complexion.

“Most options include a combination of alpha (AHA) and beta (BHA) hydroxyl acids, antioxidants and retinols.

For Sensitive Skin:

• Milder solutions like an AHA like glycolic acid, which may be gentler than other AHAs and BHAs are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

• Glycolic Acid is a milder alternative which is very safe and effective at fading brown spots through gentle chemical exfoliation.

Post-Therapy Care:

• Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday day. After a chemical peel skin is more sensitive for some time.
• Protect your skin against sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

• Wear a hat to protect your skin.


• The time taken to achieve visible results may vary from person to person.

• Results also depend on the chemical peel you are going for.

Creams and Lotions:

There are many products available over the counter for skin glowing but they generally do not give you results and are very temporary solutions, and some also comes with their share of side-effects.

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